Mission to Whiteplume Mountain

Grabbed this adventure as we needed something to play all of a sudden.
Whiteplume Mountain revised for 3.5 using weapons of legacy. (WoL have so far seemed lackluster, we’ll see)

PCs managed the riddles without issue. Went East first, dealt with most challenges without much trouble. Vampire was frustrating for them, partly as I had forgotten how the dis-corporation & casket was supposed to work along with fast healing. But, they won. They acquired whelm and Doug, a sentient talking sword of dubious usefulness.

West and North: skipped several encounters as I had a plan on the actual campaign by this time. Skipped the circular river and several levels of the glassteel fights (just fought the “lobstrocitys” ie hammerclaws). The harpy and frictionless floor room was rather hilarious to run. The Oracle can only speak in Celestial while in combat, and had fallen on the spikes and taken enough dex damage to leave her paralyzed. The only other character who can speak celestial was the ranger, who was in the thrall of the harpy and unable to make the will save for the illusory wall (rolling poorly). So, no one knew what had happened to the Oracle.

They found the gnome and escorted him out without incident. Retrieving both Blackrazor and a large sized greatsword.

They made pretty easy work of the spinning tunnel and the frustratingly apologetic fighter who continued firing his bow at them and apologizing (regardless of if it hit). They then managed to collapse the magic wall holding the boiling lake in check and cook the giant crab. They retrieved Wave and found a note which seemed to be a dictated magic/scientific record.

In the boiling lake, now at a manageable level, they found a ship with long ribbon like fins rather than sails. This was listing as it had clearly been rammed by a large bug looking ship. They investigated and found a half-elf who had clearly lost his brain rather abruptly. Following a trail of blue-green blood, they found the other end of the bug-ship. While investigating, the hatch opened and a mindflayer used its mindblast, failing to stun a single PC and subsequently was killed and decapitated rather immediately.

The sorcerer rummaged around in the bug-ship and carried around one of the several humanoid corpses found within.

Doug revealed how the ship worked, that it flew and was powered by spells.

The Oracle used her spells, which the helm drained completely, to power the ship and took some time practicing. They then set down in a wooded clearing to remove the bug-ship and repair the hole.

The sorcerer ran afoul of a umber-hulk but with a number of fire spells managed to readily kill it. The ranger who had tried to help from the deck had been confused by the umber-hulk’s gaze attack and had run to the far end of the ship. Being there she saw about a dozen more umber-hulks dragging the bug ship into the woods. The group decided to leave, since they didn’t care much about the bug-ship anyway.

They went back to town and turned in blackrazor to Haelong, the bearded elf who had hired them. They let slip some quizzical comments as the party was not unified in keeping the ship a secret. During this time the sorcerer happened upon a puzzling crystal which looked to contain slowly swirling golden energy. Identify not only didn’t come up magical, but seemed to deny that the crystal existed.

After debating, they took the crystal to ask Haelong if he knew anything about them. He also tried Identify with identical results. They decided to go with him to the keep of the Baron he served. In the morning he informed them that his carriage had suffered damage which had gone unnoticed and that it would be several days before they could leave, and a week’s journey after that.

The party decided to invite Haelong, and his attractive female elf assistant to the ship to travel to the keep. During the trip Haelong discovered that, with focus, the crystals would give a distinctive ‘directional hunch.’

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